3 New YouTube Features That Benefit Your Business

As you may know, YouTube has been making a lot of changes lately. After a big makeover of their layout, YouTube has continued to “tweak” things in ways that you can use to your advantage in your business ~ if you know about them!

Because it’s easier and more effective to show them to you, rather than just tell you about them, I’ve walked you through 3 of the latest YouTube changes in the above 8 minute video. Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn.

1. Make a Slideshow in YouTube

Now you can take any photos on your computer and easily make them into a nice looking slideshow. You can even add music, and YouTube has over 150,000 free tracks to choose from.

I’ve only used this for fun so far, but there’s some great potential for getting creative with Keynote or PowerPoint and putting out an impressive and informative video. Best part ~ it’s easy. No technical skills required at all.

2. Add a Customized Message When You Share Your Video

Instead of that standard “I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube” message, you can now add your own call to action message. This is a great opportunity to give your YouTube subscribers, as well as your Google+, Twitter and Facebook connections a reason to click on that link and watch your video.

3. YouTube Integrates With Google+

No more remembering and taking the time to share your new videos on Google+. Your “videos” tab on your Google+ profile will now say “YouTube.” And, all of your publicly uploaded YouTube videos will automatically appear in that tab. A great hands-off way to get more exposure for your videos.

YouTube App Updates

In addition to these three new YouTube Features, there are a couple of YouTube apps you should know about.

YouTube App for iOS

YouTube recently updated their standalone app to be compatible with the iPad and the iPhone 5. If you used the old YouTube app on your iPad, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much smoother the new app is. Your videos will start faster, and play without interruption (in my experience).

The main new features of the YouTube app are support of video streaming over AirPlay, clickable links in the video descriptions, and the ability to add and remove videos from your playlists. I don’t have an iPhone 5, but I do highly recommend this app for your iPad. Read more about the new YouTube app here.

YouTube Capture App

YouTube has created a new app called “Capture” for the iPhone and iPod touch. This app looks great, and I’m anxiously awaiting to hear whether it lives up to its billing.

Here’s what Capture says it does. First, you can record your video quickly, with fewer clicks and less lag time.  Next,  the app provides automatic color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks. Finally, you can upload your videos to YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously. Or, you can choose to share them privately with friends and family.

You can see a short demo video, and click to get the free YouTube Capture app here.

I see YouTube making many small but great improvements here. Are you using any of these new YouTube features or apps in your business? I’d appreciate your feedback in the comments below!


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