Work From Home Success: Lessons From a 4-Year-Old

My kids and I made a four hour drive last weekend to visit my sister and her kids in Kansas City. On the drive home, we stopped at Sonic for slushy drinks.

As usual, about halfway through our drinks my 4-year-old wanted to trade drinks with me. She has a way of drinking all the slushy up before the ice melts. So, I’ve taught her to tap her straw against the ice to loosen it up and melt the ice faster. As a result of this technique, when she returned my cup to me, there was a hole on the side where her aggressive straw tapping had penetrated the cup.

With blue slushy running down onto my tan pants, I exhibited one of my finer parenting moments.

“Next time you drink my slushy don’t take the lid off,” I said. “In fact, just don’t ever ask to have my slushy again,” I concluded.

Not an hour later, with complete confidence, comes her voice from the back — “can I have your slushy?” “No. It has a hole in it. I can’t hand it back to you.” “Who are you and where is my child I just told never to ask for my slushy again?” I wondered.

An hour later, we’re home. In the midst of putting things away, comes my 4-year-old’s voice again. Without hesitation or apology, she says, “mom, your slushy’s almost all gone.” I look over to see her at the table, drinking my slushy. With the lid off.

My first thought was, wow, I want to be more like my 4-year-old. She wanted my slushy. She pursued it with confidence, knowing she would get generic amoxil it. My “nos” were not even a bump in the road to her slushy obtaining success. And, in the end, she got it.

How many of us operate like a 4-year-old in our online business? How many people continue to say they’re working an online business, but don’t really believe it will ever lead them to financial freedom? I mean REALLY viagra without prescription believe it. How many people have quit because they failed to achieve work from home success on their first try? “This work from home stuff doesn’t work,” they proclaim.

When you are buy amoxil first trying to find work from home success, run your online business like a 4-year-old. Decide what you want. (What’s your “slushy?”) Don’t stop until you get it.

Press forward with confidence. Unphased Amoxil buy cheap by friends who say you can’t make it. Undeterred by the fact that your first product promotion bombed. Undaunted by your history of buying the latest and greatest work from home products generic levitra and letting them sit on your bookcase.

Don’t take “no” for an answer. Not from your friends, yourself, or the marketplace.

Decide what you want and simply don’t quit taking action towards online ampicillin your prize until you get it. The immediate results of your action buy penicillin are irrelevant. The only possible way to fail is to quit.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at home mom and home business consultant with over 11 years experience. Jennifer’s passion is helping you achieve personal and financial freedom. Take the first step in creating the life of your dreams by claiming your free Instant Income Plan Report here .

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