Work at Home Moms: 4 Ways to Manage Your Time and Your Kids

messykidsWork at home moms face a set of unique challenges that no one else understands.  The biggest of those is how to manage both your time and your kids.  Follow these four rules and your path to success will be much smoother.

1.  Stop Making Excuses

Yes, you probably have less time than others.  Yes, you’re probably more tired.  Your excuses are good excuses. But they are still just excuses.  Which means they are needlessly hindering your success.  I guarantee you there is someone who’s had a harder road than you that’s become wildly successful.

As long as you keep the mindset that says “I don’t have time to do this,” you won’t have time to do it.  Your online business will be eternally stagnant.

2.  Schedule Your Work Hours

Don’t just make a list of five things you need to get done on your business today and plan to do them around the laundry, cooking, and meeting the kids’ needs.  You’ll never get to your business.

Kids are unpredictable.  Their needs change constantly.  You must have guaranteed work hours — when you know you won’t be interrupted by your kids.  I’m lucky to have a couple of hours of nap time that I can count on every day.  In the rare event that I’m wrong, I make the time up at night.

3.  Hire Some Help

Or make some kind of childcare arrangement for a few hours a week.  I know we’re working at home to be with our kids.  But until you’ve mastered the four hour work week, you’re going to need some help.  Don’t think you can work around your kids while they play.  At least half of the time you can’t.  And even when you do, you’re — at most — half as productive as if you didn’t have the distraction of your children.

 4.  Do Big Things When You Have Big Time and Little Things When You Have Little Time 

Organize and prioritize your work.  Do the hard things when you are most awake.  Do the time consuming things when you have the biggest block of time.  Have a list of small but essential tasks.  If you have a thirty minute block of time, don’t write it off as not long enough to accomplish anything.  You can get a lot done in thirty minutes.

Save things that are easier for moments when your kids don’t need you.  My general rule is be 100% present at work when it’s work time and 100% present with my kids when it’s family time.  In reality, this has exceptions.  If my kids are totally occupied, and I can sit there and watch them for ten minutes while I write a letter, answer an email, spend a few minutes with a training course, I do it.

Making good use of 30 minute blocks of time and occasionally doubling work and family time is crucial.  If you don’t do this, you’ll find that you spend your good, quality two hour blocks of time accomplishing a bunch of little tasks that don’t really further your work from home business.  You need to be doing the big stuff — article writing, product creation, blogging, copywriting — when you have big time.

Work at home moms have it easier than the rest of the entrepreneurial world.  We have way more motivation to succeed than anyone else.  The first time you get to blow off work on a whim and enjoy a sunny day in the park with your kids instead, you’ll understand what I mean.


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