Who Said Your Online Business Has to Be a Struggle?

Making Money Online is Easy!

I used to go crazy when I heard such nonsense.  I have to admit, it still makes me scream “stop lying!” on the inside.

But, if making money online isn’t easy, it must be hard.  Right?

Well, in many respects, yes – it is hard.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be a struggle.

Unfortunately, for many people who dream of making money online, their online business is a struggle.

You’ve probably had people ask you what your biggest struggle is in your business.  Perhaps you’ve even thought of yourself as “struggling” to make money online.

And really, any way you look at it, “struggling” is not a good thing.  It has negative connotations all the way around.  It smacks of “failure,” and “worry,” and “unhappiness.”  Not pretty descriptors for your online business.

The good news is, you can stop struggling today.  Right now in fact.  By simply declaring that you are no longer struggling.  And of course, believing that the struggle is over, and in fact never even existed.

No, I’m not going to give you affirmations that haven’t worked for you in the past.  Or tell you that with “positive thinking” the struggle will end.

But, you will have to significantly shift your mindset.  Happily, I’m about to make that easy for you.

Think about a baby.  At 11 months old you see her starting to stand without holding on to anything, cautioning a step every now and then – only to immediately tumble to the ground.  You don’t tell people she’s “struggling” to become a walker.  She’s simply learning to successfully walk.

When you plant a lettuce seed in your garden, and you come back a week later to see a 2 inch plant, you don’t say that your lettuce is “struggling” to grow.  It’s doing exactly what it’s suppose to be doing to become an edible head of lettuce.

And when you check the pot of rice on your stove half way through its cooking time, you don’t say its “struggling” to get done.  The rice is simply taking the amount of time nature determined for it to become soft and edible.

The baby, the lettuce and the rice are all doing exactly what they should be doing.  Are they working?  Yes.  Is it hard?  Yes, in some ways.  It takes a lot of practice to walk.  The tiny lettuce plant has to survive the elements, and the rabbits.  The rice has to make it from the field, to your pantry, to being cooked just the right amount of time.

Your online business is exactly like the baby, the lettuce and the rice.

You are doing exactly what you need to be to doing to start consistently making money online.

You aren’t going to wake up with $10,000 in your bank account 30 days after your website is up, any more than a lettuce seed is going to wake up as a full head of lettuce the day after it’s planted.  It’s just not the way the world works.

If you are taking daily steps to develop and grow your online business, stop thinking of the process of business growth as a struggle.  And even more importantly, stop letting marketers that fill your inbox with “how to make money online” offers convince you that you are struggling and that they can magically stop the struggle.

Put your credit card away.  Because shifting your mindset is free.  And if you will shift your mindset from one of struggle, and see that you are simply walking a proven and necessary path to success, your online business journey will be easier, more fun, and less costly!


  1. Great post Jennifer. I’m a big believer that it is only hard if you make it hard. I see lots of people struggling because they don’t fully believe either in themselves and their ability to succeed, or because they don’t fully believe in their business. When you don’t believe in yourself or your business, people can sense it and are put off. I find that it is vital to fully show up and be yourself, embrace everything you love to do and find a way to roll that all up into one. When you do that and speak from the heart, your passion and enthusiasm is infectious and people will be drawn to that!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • So very well said, Andrea. When you believe in yourself and what you are doing, everything becomes so clear, fun and even effortless at times! Thanks for your words.

  2. Wonderful comments! Many of us buy into the “Rush for Success” where patience should rule. Spot-on Jennifer!

    • Exactly Jeff. If I hadn’t had the “Rush for Success” attitude for so many years, I would have found success much quicker. Funny how that works . . .

  3. I have been teaching my baby to talk and watching my garden grow for 8 years. I had instant success when I first started 8 years ago. It was easier then and not as many people were in my business. I didn’t watch my baby and it got in all kinds of problem because I was neglectful. I love this article!!! Please watch your business and nurture it like you would a child..;) love this hun!!

    • Thank you Liz, I love it – “watch your business and nurture it like you would a child.” Great analogy to keep in mind!

  4. I love that you used the examples of a baby, lettuce and rice for the growth of a business…so true! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Dr. Sarah. When I started treating my business more like “life” and less like some new and foreign adventure, things started making more sense and success came quicker!

  5. I LIKE this post! Yes – building an online business, or any business is NOT easy. Bu it doesn’t have to be a struggle either.(Although when my honey and I were starting our business 13 years ago, I think we fell into the “struggle” category!) I love the idea of reframing all of the consistent effort you are taking as a a PROCESS, not a struggle…great post!

  6. This is so true, Jennifer. Last year my husband did a workshop for mostly internet marketers who were his coaching clients. I spoke on ‘Mindset’ and do you know that this was his most successful group…it was Amazing to see their success in such a short period of time. The interesting thing was that some of them had been trying over an over to succeed and most of them had very little success, if any at all up until this point.So mindset and taking the necessary steps every day are very powerful, thanks!

  7. Great post, Jennifer! I get pitched every week by marketers, invited to FREE course, newsletters, etc…. it’s not always a good thing; what it the hardest is distinguishing the wolves! (-_-) Some will say & do anything to get you into their market. Thanks for sharing! x0x Norma Doiron ╰☆╮


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