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When you talk about how to increase the number of social media followers you have, people listen. Because more followers equals more money for your business, right? Well, as we talked about last time, bigger is not always better when it comes to your social media following.

The Social Media Numbers Game is Hard Work

Most advice focuses on ways to get people to click “like” on your Facebook page, or establishing a daily routine of following and unfollowing people on Twitter. All with the goal of increasing your social media numbers, and therefore, hopefully, your influence.

There are a couple of downsides to playing the numbers game with social media. First, you are going to end up with a lot of followers who you have no influence over. Two things will happen with these people. Either (1) they’ll never be anything more than a number to you, or (2) you’ll work long and hard to build a relationship of trust with them.

The second downside to this method is that it takes a lot of time. Every day. Posting and replying. Searching out new connections. And not just on one social media network, but on two or three, or more. There is no effective “set it and forget it” method. No leveraging your time.

But, is There a Better Way?

You could decide that social media is just too time-consuming. And go after a quicker and easier way to build your business. But that’s not a good choice these days. Despite its drawbacks, social media really is the easiest and most effective way to build your business.

However, rather than spending your days focused on growing your social media numbers, what if you could focus on producing content that hung around for weeks, or months, or years? Instead of content that disappears in the Facebook news feed in a few hours, or the Twitter feed in a few seconds.

Then you wouldn’t have the daily pressure of trying to attract new followers, and to entertain them with consistently new and brilliant stuff.

Focus on Attracting People, Not Chasing Numbers

The best way to increase your social media numbers is to establish yourself as someone who does good stuff, so that people will want to follow you. This is a much easier way to gain a targeted following of people than gathering the numbers first, and then fighting to prove your worthiness to them.

How do you establish yourself as a trusted authority? You produce quality content, consistently. And then connect with others who will promote it, because they appreciate its value.

Caution: This may not be the fastest way to grow your numbers on social media, and it may not even give you the biggest numbers.

But, shifting your focus to establishing yourself as an authority, rather than on gathering “likes” and “follows,” does something that is crucial to your online business. It puts you in the position of attracting people to you, rather than chasing after the numbers.

This is key for two reasons. First, attracting people to you is passive. You put out good content, sit back, and wait for them to come. On the other hand, chasing after potential followers is necessarily active, which means it requires your precious time.

Second, you will attract an audience that is already engaged and trusting of you, which means you will immediately have more influence with your followers than if you are chasing numbers.

What Does this Mean for Your Online Business?

So what exactly do you need to do to shift your focus? Several things:

  • If you ever thought about buying followers, stop.
  • Spend more time on the quality of your social media posts, rather than on the quantity.
  • Spend less time on systems and software that increase your numbers of non-targeted followers.
  • Spend more time creating content that establishes your credibility and authority in your market.

Some Good Examples

If you need proof that this works, look at some of the 7 figure online business owners in your market who have big social media numbers, but whose status as an authority comes from their great content, rather than the fact that they’re all over social media. I’ll show you three good examples in the “how to build a profitable business” market.

Brendon Burchard

Current social media numbers: 126,244 likes · 5,108 talking about this on Facebook; 26,000 Twitter followers (between 2 accounts)

Brendon posts on his Facebook page 2-3 times a week usually, and promotes a post when he wants you to take some action. He tweets about once a day or so.

Has he garned his big following because of his social media activity? Obviously not. Social media experts everywhere would shudder at his infrequent posting habits.

Instead, he’s attracted a large audience by writing four outstanding books, and consistently producing new online training courses and live events. People see that he knows his stuff, and they want to follow him wherever he goes.

Fabienne Fredrickson

Current social media numbers: 44,172 likes · 2,841 talking about this on Facebook; 87,576 Twitter followers

Fabienne is a bigger fan of social media than Brendon Burchard. She can be seen on her Facebook page 2-3 times a day, and tweets 7-10 times a day usually. She shares valuable business tips, but also consistently posts pictures and stories about her kids and family.

While she certainly keeps her social media audience happy and updated, she is another example of someone who has attracted her following by first establishing her authority. She blogs/vlogs every 2-3 days, has a comprehensive home study course, and three levels of high end coaching groups. She also teaches through live events.

As the name of her business – – says, her focus is attracting the right audience to her, through sharing her message as a proven authority.

Marie Forleo

Current social media numbers: 70,534 likes · 8,981 talking about this on Facebook; 60,770 Twitter followers.

Marie posts 2-3 times a day on her Facebook page, and tweets at least 5 times a day. (Usually more because she’s great about responding to people).

So yes, you’ll see her on social media, but that’s not what makes her “famous” to her audience. What attracts people to her? Again, it’s the content she produces outside of social media. She posts a value-packed weekly video (called MarieTV) on her website, and often interviews well-known experts in her videos. She has a wildly popular 8-week online training course on how to build your business, and holds a live event. She also has fitness DVDs and a best-selling book.

This Still Seems Hard

You may be thinking, “I don’t have a best-selling book, any high-end training program, or a live event. And in fact, all that stuff sounds harder than posting and following people every day on social media!”

Well, you don’t have any of those things yet. And remember, the examples I gave you are of people with multi-million dollar businesses. I bet you’d be happy to break the six-figure mark, right?

The easiest and most effective way for you to grow your social media numbers is still through producing quality content, consistently; and connecting with others who will help you promote it. You’ll just start by doing it on a smaller scale. We’ll talk about how next time.

Your turn ~ are you happy with your social media efforts and the results they are bringing you? If not, what are your frustrations? In a perfect world, how do you wish you could do things differently? Please share in the comments below so we can all help each other!



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