Too Lazy for Home Business Success?

comfort_zoneMost of us resist change, consciously or not.  We are comfortable in the predictability of our routine, even as we realize our lives are far from the “perfect” we imagine.

This “comfort zone” that we float through life in is seriously challenged by our desire for the time and financial freedom buy generic levitra a successful home business will bring.

There’s a part of us that wants to change our lives almost completely.  And you may argue that it’s not just a part of you, that you — 100% all the way — want to change your life.  And maybe you’re right.  But what I have found is that most of us struggle between the comfort zone that is our life, and the desire to completely change our life.

One of the hurdles to home business success for many of us is that things in our lives just aren’t that bad.  We have a home, food on the table, a steady income, all the basic necessities of life.  We want a better life.  But fortunately, we don’t really need a better life.

I used to see examples of this in my life often.  And it always made me mad.  Yet, it took me years to correct it.  To get over it, or through it, or whatever.

I have an offline business that I’m reasonably happy with.  It more than pays the bills.  Whenever something happened in that business that really upset me, I would say to myself, “This is it.  I’m not doing this anymore.  I’m going cheapest online ampicillin propecia online to work my online business 24 hours a day until I make enough money to quit my other business.”

And then, a couple of days would pass.  Or something good would happen.  And my determination would pass.  I’d suddenly be too tired that night.  I’d go to bed before taking the steps I knew were essential to building a successful home business.  I’d slip back into my dreaded comfort zone.  My obsession with home business success would fade just a little.

So how do you get past it?  How do you get your lazy self up off the couch after a ten hour day and put in two or three more hours?

Not everyone will agree with this.  But I say the best way to really change your life is to kick yourself out of your comfort zone.  Don’t step outside it.  Run crazily from it.  Without looking back.  Burn your bridges so you’ll have no choice.  Grow a successful home business, or lose your house.  Because if these are the stakes, you’ll find a way to do it.

You might feel like it’s too risky.  Like the stakes are too high.  But, if you doubt you can do it, you’re right, you can’t.

All I know, is once I announced my intention to give up my other business, and took affirmative steps to do so, my online business started to take off like never before.  Because it had to.

Go do it!

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