Success is Easy, Right?

Everyone wants easy, right?

We are an immediate gratification society.

Microwaves that cook in seconds, diets that eliminate ten pounds overnight, and a home business that will make you a millionaire in a month.

But microwaves destroy any nutritional value your food happens to have.  And drastic diets can kill you.

Likewise, buying into the instant business success myth can crush your chances of ever making significant money as an entrepreneur.

I’m very interested in success.  Business and personal.   I take in everything I can on the subject.

And most of what I read and hear tries to boil it down into something “easy” to attain.  And attain now.

But it’s not.  It’s not easy.  And it’s not immediate.

And I know that’s not what you want to hear.

But it’s true.

And because we’ve been conditioned by overzealous product promoters to expect overnight riches, too many of us give up before we give our business any real chance of success.

I love all the easy stuff as much as the next person.  Yes, you can change your attitude instantly.  And having a positive mental attitude is essential to success.

So it’s cool that you can do something right now to further your path to success.  But it’s truly the first step in a thousand mile journey.

And it’s not easy.  And most people — like 97% (at least) — will never find success.  Meaning they will never be financially independent.  They will never have complete control over their time.

But, the encouraging thing is you can do it.

And, there is probably some proof of that in your very own life.

I was participating in a group coaching call the other day with an expert in online marketing.

Students were throwing questions at him.  He was answering them with ease.  There was no script.  He was working off the cuff.  And he just knew the answers.

And it made me think.

In my offline career, which I’ve been at for 20 years, I can do the same thing.  People ask me questions all the time.  Often it takes several minutes for me to make them understand something that is second nature to me.

Because I am an expert in my field.  Because I have 20 years of experience.

When I go to the gym, I watch new people struggle to do something I can do while having a drink of water and talking to a friend.

Because I’ve been doing it for years.

And when I talk with someone just starting her home business, I realize that I’m well on the path to becoming an expert there too.  Again, I’ve got years of experience.

You forget how much you’ve learned.  How much you really know.

Because, over time, it becomes routine.  It’s second nature.

I know it’s cliche, but really, “practice makes perfect.”

The lesson is to keep practicing.  Keep doing it.  Keep taking action.

It won’t be easy, or overnight.  But once you hit it — once you reach the “tipping point” — it will become easy.  And it will all be worth it.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at  home mom with three fabulous kids.  She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 12 years.  Jennifer’s passion is empowering others to personal and business success through a positive mindset and consistent action.

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  1. Another fantastic blog post Jennifer! You rpovide so much value to all of us … always fresh and clear, easy to follow and yet so powerful!
    And YES; the real secret lies behind applying and trying, checking and adapting!
    To your success and all the best wishes your way
    Your Kasia G.


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