Some Days My “Self” Doesn’t Need “Improvement”

goodpersontshirtI have had a rough week. I lost my cell phone. I never imagined how inconvenient that would be. And I’m double mad about it because I’m 99% sure it’s somewhere in my house.

I’ve been trying to feel grateful for the fact that my house is big enough that I can search it for four days without finding my phone. But, it’s been frustrating.

I’ve wasted a lot of time obsessively looking for my phone. And, I get a lot of work done in the car on my phone, so I’m really feeling behind this week.

You can imagine how I struggled to maintain my positive attitude when it took me the good part of the day to get a new phone. I’ll spare you the details, but I will share that it was my good fortune to be needing a new phone at a time when my service provider’s entire network was down for seven hours.

I, and my three tired toddlers, had been waiting in the store (for the third time today) for about 45 minutes when it happened. You see, I had been looking for the lesson in my predicament, as I always do. What greater benefit was going to come from my adversity here?

I was starting to think I’d finally been proven wrong. Maybe the only purpose behind my experience here was to torture me.

Just then, three people walked into the store together. The very nice and patient employee behind the counter was helping a couple with a new phone. He explained to the newcomers that he would be with them just as soon as he helped me.

Loudly and with profanity, the young man demanded that he was next. Although obviously I had been in the store longer than he had, he reasoned that he was in line and I wasn’t. It was a small store. Clearly I was just hanging out, trying to keep my kids from destroying the place, and waiting.

For a moment, my reaction was to walk up to the guy and punch him for being such an idiot. But then I thought to myself, “wow, what kind of a life must this guy have?” How unhappy must he be? And why? What’s going on or has gone on with him to make him so abrasive and uncaring? He could really use some of my personal development training, I thought.

This guy made me feel grateful that I have a good life. And that, although I work daily on self improvement, my “self” is pretty good.

Sometimes we’re so busy trying to improve ourselves that we forget to take time out to pat ourselves on the back. It’s important to give yourself credit for being a good person. I rarely do this. I’m pretty hard on myself. I think most of us are.

If I hadn’t ended up in that store, I wouldn’t have encountered this poor guy, and wouldn’t have taken the time out today to realize that my “self” is pretty good just the way it is. Another thing to be grateful for.

JENNIFER HERNDON works at home with her kids. She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of home business ownership for over 11 years. Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to achieve success through a positive mental attitude and consistent action. Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps today for free in Jennifer’s new mini-course.

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