Self Improvement: Going Backwards is Okay Some Days

buy ampicillin wp-image-269″ title=”sad_man” src=”×298.jpg” alt=”sad_man” width=”300″ height=”298″ />I am in the business of helping others with their personal growth.  I write and talk about having a positive mental attitude under even the worst of circumstances.  propecia finasteride About taking action when you feel like sitting on the couch.

Yet every now and then, I feel negative or depressed about my life.  Or I check my email when I know I should be writing an article.

This used to make amoxil clavulin me doubt myself.  Like maybe I should delete my blog and burn all my writings on self improvement.  If I couldn’t follow my own advice, who was I to preach my stuff to others?

One day I was listening to a Jim Rohn CD in my car.  It wasn’t the first time I’d listened to this program.  But there’s a reason I listen to the same stuff over and over.  Because this was the first time I’d really heard Jim say this.  And I can’t remember the exact context, but he was talking about someone questioning him as to how he put into practice all of the great personal development advice that he taught.  Mr. Rohn laughed as he responded “do as I say, not as I do.”

If Jim Rohn could admit that he still struggles some days, certainly my struggles didn’t have to end the career I so passionately enjoyed.  The truth is, to struggle is human.  And anyone who tells you that she follows a consistently positive generic levitra path of personal growth is lying (or delusional).

Remember, the path of self improvement is a life-long journey.  buy Amoxil online It’s not a destination that we ever reach.  Because no one is perfect.  What fun would that be anyway?  Can you imagine one day declaring that your self improvement is complete and there is nothing you can do, learn or experience that would make you any better?  What would you do the rest of your life?

It’s as important to let sad things make you cry as it is to let happy things make you laugh.  It’s also important to make sure that you don’t let a few bad days throw you off the wagon.

I have a friend who got very into the power of positive thinking.  She used that power to try to attract a lot of big things into her life.  When these things didn’t manifest within a couple of months, she gave up.  She went back to living buy penicillin a life where she was resolved to be less than happy.  To have less than she wanted (and less than she could and should have).

She expected too much too soon.  And in doing so she ignored the good things that were happening as a result of her new attitude.  She was happier and much more fun to be around.  But she didn’t see that.  Because she quit.

Don’t quit.  Don’t go through a bad stretch and declare that “new age touchy feely self improvement stuff” doesn’t work.  Let life hurt.  But hold on.  Push through.  And always keep in the back of your mind that “the sun will come out, tomorrow . . .”  It always does.

JENNIFER HERNDON works at home with her kids.  She has enjoyed the time freedom and financial rewards of working at home for over 11 years.  Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to success through a positive mental attitude and consistent action.  Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps for free amoxil online in Jennifer’s new mini-course.

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  1. Great post Jennifer! Thanks for your honesty. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who struggles. I think that I am like your friend in some ways. I get into a groove then get discouraged. However, I would not say ‘I quit’, but I lose focus.

    The point is to keep your goal in front of you everyday, always be grateful for what you have, keep reading positive material, listening to CD’s and soon your focus will shift back to where it needs to be.

    My audio program that I have been listening over and over again – for the moment – is ‘The Strangest Secret’ – Powerful!


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