Practicing Personal Growth at the Airport

price levitra height=”198″ />I’ve been listening to Wayne Dyer’s It’s Never Crowded Along the Extra Mile.  I’ve been through it twice now.

As a result I’ve been focusing a lot of my personal development efforts lately on raising my spiritual energy.  For me this involves seeing all people as being Amoxil buy cheap part of God.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs, becoming a nicer, gentler, more compassionate person is essential to your personal growth.  And the airport is a great place to practice this.

I’m at the airport about once a month.  There’s a personal growth opportunity about once a second at the airport.

The “old” me would say that the majority of the people that work at the airport and come to the airport to catch a plane are crazy.  Or mean.  Or seriously miserable.  And for some, all three.

Now I just view all of these people as beautiful souls put along my path to bring me valuable lessons.  (Most days, anyway . . .)  Without these fine folks, how could I work on my own enlightenment?

While at the airport, however, I often wonder — do only perpetually unhappy people go to the airport?  Or does the airport for some reason bring out the worst in otherwise fabulous people?

We’ll get to that.  propecia online prescription For now, the point is that, if practice makes perfect, you can become the likes of Ghandi or Mother Theresa just by spending a few hours at the airport on a regular basis.

I have successfully learned how to smile and say “thank you” no matter what anyone does or says to me at the airport.

But not everyone is as seasoned as I am.

Here is one of the most useless displays of grumpiness that I witnessed yesterday.  A woman walked through the metal detector with her pager on.  The metal detector did not go off.

However, the TSA agent told her that she had to take it off and send it through the x-ray.  (Easy enough, huh?)

No, the passenger had to argue.  (Why?  Isn’t the TSA agent just doing her job?  Is it hard to take a pager off?)

Apparently so.  The offender’s next complaint was that there was nothing buy Ampicillin to put the pager in.  With a serious attitude, the TSA agent told her to get a bin and send it through.

As the passenger then proceeded through the metal detector, the TSA agent loudly and with anger recounted to her co-worker the woman’s reluctance to part with her pager.

Both passenger and the agent left the exchange angry.

Why?  How ridiculous is this?  The passenger was delayed maybe 30 seconds.

How differently could this have gone?

“I’m sorry, policy is that your pager has to go through the x-ray.”

“Okay, do you have something generic amoxil buy amoxil I can put it in?”

“Sure, just grab a bin.”

“Okay, thanks.  Have a great day.”  (smile)

“Thanks. You too.”  (smile)

Here’s the great thing.  It doesn’t take cooperation from everyone to make this work.  You can change the entire mood of the airport, almost single-handedly.

We’ll talk about how next time.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at  home mom with three fabulous kids.  She has been enjoying the buy phentermine time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 12 years.  Jennifer’s passion is empowering others to personal and business success through a positive mindset and consistent action.

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