Mindfulness: Becoming Happier and Healthier

What exactly does mindfulness mean? To be mindful is to be present in the moment without passing order levitra judgment on the moment. Just being. Mindfulness has its roots in Zen Buddhism. So who better than Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh to define mindfulness for us:

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One of my favorite quotes is “The present moment holds infinite riches beyond Ampicillin buy cheap our wildest dreams.” But are we ever in the present moment? Most of us find ourselves constantly occupied with something — other than what’s going on at the present moment. What to have for dinner. How to get amoxicillin the kids everywhere they need to go. How to pay the bills. What to do about your intolerable boss. And on and on.

How can practicing mindfulness help our personal growth journey? Just do it and you’ll see. Mindfulness will calm your thoughts and emotions. It will lessen your anxiety and stress. Mindfulness will improve buy amoxil your relationships, with those you’re close to and those you have a passing encounter with in line at the grocery store.

The practice of mindfulness is being used by health professionals — mental and physical — to cure their patients’ ailments. I’ve read about mindfulness being used to help conditions such as fibromyalgia and other chronic pain. And about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy being used by therapists in cases of depression and anxiety.

The medical and “professional” side of things is beyond my focus on personal development. I mention it because the fact that the practice of mindfulness is expanding into the outer edges of the mainstream illustrates its power.

I have a theory that spending some time every day in mindful meditation will actually make me more productive than endless multi-tasking. Accomplishing more by doing less. Who can argue with that? In time, I’ll let you know whether productive mindfulness is a fact, or just a great sounding theory.

JENNIFER HERNDON works from home with her kids. She has enjoyed the time freedom and financial benefits of working from home for over 11 years. Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to success through a positive mental attitude and consistent action. Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps for free in Jennifer’s new mini-course designed to provide you the tools to change your life and find home business success.

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