Is a Good Workout the Secret to a Profitable Online Business?

Online BusinessBuilding a profitable online business is hard work. There is no way around that.

And that’s why no matter what you buy, read, and listen to, most people will never own a wildly profitable online business.

The good news is, with some focus and dedication, you can be different from most people.

There is no “easy button.” There is no “magic formula”  you can buy at any price.

It will take time, work, patience, and failure.

And yes, a good workout may be your secret to finally breaking into the profit zone in your online business.

Here’s why ~ and it’s your lesson for today ~

How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

You may have heard this before, and it’s important, so you should spend some time focusing on it.

What Does it Mean?

First let’s look at what “how you do one thing, is how you do everything” means in real life. Christmas Eve morning I was at the gym. There were 19 people in the class I was taking. As the class was ending, the instructor asked who wanted to go through the routine one more time before we cooled down. Tw0 of us raised our hands.

Now I’m thinking, “seriously?!” You’ve taken the time to get out of bed and come to the gym this morning. You probably won’t get to work out tomorrow because it’s Christmas. You’re given a chance to get in an extra 3 minutes of exercise, and you say “no?!”

But, as we are sadly cooling down, it occurred to me that of course only two of us would want to push it for all we could get out of it. In fact, two was probably a high number among 19 people.

Because how you do anything in life is how you do everything in life. And most people do the minimum. The smallest amount they can to get by.

So, even among those who take the extra effort to come to the gym in the morning, there will be a small fraction who bust their butts to make the most of every minute there. The rest are just aiming for the badge that says they walked through the door.

Now I don’t know the other person who raised her hand, but I bet she and I have a lot in common. Because if you push yourself past your limits at the gym, you’re going to push past limits in other areas of your life too.

Indeed if you know my story, you know I pushed past limits others put on me to have a baby, and to build a six-figure business.

The Little Things are the Big Things to a Profitable Business

Are you beginning to see how your workout, and everything else you do, effects your business?

Your profit centers are the “big” things in your business. Whether it’s your personal services or information products you are selling, the revenue-generating stuff is the hardest to get finished and actually put out there for people to purchase.

But, you know what makes it substantially easier? If you do the “little” things in your life, and your business, right.

What are the “little” things? Returning phone calls, responding to emails, being consistent with your chosen social media strategy, blogging, following a prioritized to-do list  . . . whatever makes up your daily routine.

Here are some examples of how the little things really are the big things in a profitable business.

You’re trying to get a new course out that consists of several written modules, but you have a blog to educate your audience and help build your list that you struggle to update once a month. You’ll never get that course done.

If you have a plan to blog twice a week and can’t even follow through with the small-time writing, the big course is but a dream.

You have a great website and you’d like to make it better with several updates and new pages, but you put off returning phone calls, emails, and messages that don’t require immediate attention. Your website’s going to stay the way it is forever.

If you procrastinate on the little things that aren’t “must do”, you’re also going to procrastinate on the revenue-generating things like your website that aren’t “must do.”

The “how you do one thing” law doesn’t just apply to how you run your business. It also applies to how you run your life.

Is your house a mess? Then the organization and structure of your business is going to be a mess. Bills late and budget non-existent? Then your business finances are never going to be pretty.

Momentum Will Carry Your Online Business into Profits

So here’s the good news. You can make great things happen in your business by making small changes in how you do things.

Put the plans for your 300 page course away for a month and start blogging twice a week on schedule. Suddenly, writing the course at scheduled times will become easy.

What happens when you start to do small things right is momentum kicks in. You experience the snowball effect.

Your blogging starts the ball rolling down the hill. And (slowly at first) you start to pick up speed. It feels effortless.

The snowball (i.e. your business) is growing bigger and faster with what feels like less work to you. Because you naturally tackle the big things the same way you conquered the little ones.

It may feel like you wake up one day and your business is suddenly great and the money is suddenly there. But if you take the time, you’ll be able to trace all that greatness back to when you gave that snowball its first nudge down the hill.

Now it’s time for you to put these words into action. What small things can you start doing right?

You don’t even have to have a clear vision of exactly how it will benefit you in the future. Just get the ball rolling by starting with your daily routine, and watch the momentum carry you to new heights of awesomeness.

I’d love to hear how you’ll use the “how you do one thing” law to grow your business profits to a new level. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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