How to Take Your Home Business to the Tipping Point

mountain“The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem without growing weary.” – Thomas Edison.

I find this to be a beautiful description of home business ownership.  The “one problem” we face as home business owners is how to reach the point where our business is easy.  Where we put in a few hours work and see thousands of dollars in return.

Along the road to success there are many, many days when our physical and/or mental energies grow weary before we even begin to tackle “the problem.”  There are still times when I feel awake and ready to go, yet my mind seems incapable of producing anything.  And times when I lay in bed having the greatest ideas, but my body won’t let me get out of bed and get to the computer.

I haven’t spent a lot of time with people who have given up on their home business.  But I have to think that many people quit simply because they grow weary.  Weary of working all day and coming home to dinner, a messy house, family time and — after all that — having to be brilliant for a few more hours of work on your home business.

Of course, when people quit, they generally don’t say, “I’m weary.  I give up.”  Instead, they make excuses for why it didn’t work for them.  They didn’t have the technical skills, didn’t have the time, home businesses are all scams. . . Whatever.

They’re all excuses.  Because anyone who does apply their physical and mental energies to their home business will succeed.

So why does almost everyone who starts a home business eventually quit?  Because either they don’t know Edison’s formula, or they don’t believe it.  Or maybe they just become too weary to go on, no matter what.

How do you become one of the few that kept going?

You embrace Malcolm Gladwell’s philosophy in his book “The Tipping Point.”  In a nutshell, Gladwell talks about how many things start out being ridiculed and rejected, and over time become not just accepted, but embraced by the world as a given truth.

Look at your business as a mountain.  Hopefully you don’t start out being ridiculed, but you do begin with nothing.  No followers, no credibility, no money.  Every day you climb just a few steps up the mountain.  You may even have to rest for a few days.  It’s okay.  You’re still on a journey up the mountain.

And one day, you hit your tipping point.  You’re no longer struggling uphill.  Your efforts are paying off.  You realize you’re going down hill.  It’s becoming easy.

Gladwell’s tipping point is more than just theory.  He gives concrete examples in what is a must-read book for entrepreneurs.

Your business will have a tipping point, if you keep journeying up the mountain.  No mountain is an eternal uphill climb.  Knowing this, and remembering it when either your brain or your body is ready to throw in the towel, will make all the difference.

JENNIFER HERNDON works from home with her kids. She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial rewards of working at home for over 11 years. Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to success through a positive mental attitude and consistent action.  Get on the path to your tipping point with Jennifer’s Seven Simple Success Steps free mini-course.

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