How to Make Your Bad Day Good In 60 Seconds or Less

You’ve dealt with people who “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”  You’ve probably even been one of those people before.

And while it’s an easy explanation for having a bad day, it’s an excuse that needs to be eliminated from your life.

Because really, there is no “wrong side of the bed.”  I know that’s obvious, but once your day starts off wrong, most people are all too eager to write it off as a “bad day” well before it’s even half over.

Isn’t it curious that some days though, everything does go wrong?

You oversleep.  Your kids don’t like their breakfast, can’t find their shoes, dog ate their homework.  You’re late.  Great start.

And of course, today just happens to be the day that everyone on the road is driving especially slow.  You’re low on gas.  Forgot your debit card.  Your lunch date with a potential new client or business partner is cancelled .  Your website’s been hacked.

And on and on.

Of course, the more things go wrong, the easier it becomes to set you off.  Under normal circumstances, being put on hold when you call to ask a question about your cell phone service would be a minor annoyance.  Today, it’s causing you to declare that the entire company is full of incompetents and you’re changing providers immediately.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  And it shouldn’t.  Each day is way too special and full of potential to waste.  And that’s usually what we do — write it off as a bad day and hope for better tomorrow.

Fortunately, you are in control of how your day goes.  And that doesn’t just mean that you can choose to have a good attitude as your world goes to pieces around you.

It means that you can chose to do something good for yourself.  And this will be “day changing” for you.

This may seem obvious or simple, but it’s just not how you usually react to a day when things are going wrong.

Instead of falling into the pattern of a “bad day,” you must stop for a minute and make a conscious decision to have a good day.

Which doesn’t mean you have to win the lottery, take an impromptu vacation to Hawaii, or meet the person of your dreams.

Just like a series of bad little things can make a bad day, a series of good little things can make a good day.

Here are just a few suggestions that anyone can do to interrupt a bad day and turn it around:

* call a friend just to catch up for a minute  (resist the urge to tell her about your bad day!);

* keep a playlist on your MP3 of “happy” songs and take just a minute to listen to one;

* keep a photo album of friends and family that you can look through to regain perspective;

* do something physical – a short walk, a favorite yoga pose, any type of stretch/movement that engages your entire body;

* look – really look – at a piece of your child’s artwork, or a card given to you by someone special;

* spend just a minute with your dog or cat or favorite pet – get some unconditional love!

If you’re thinking these things are just too simple for your crazy life, just give them a try.  Believe me, I understand how “bad” a day can get.

And while I can’t claim to totally understand it, I’ve found that if I keep countering the bad stuff with good stuff, the bad stuff stops coming.  While many days still have a challenge, that’s what keeps us growing.

So go ahead, what do you have to lose?  A bad day!  Just try it.


  1. I love the attitude of your article. It is so true. Count your blessings and immediately your day will be brighter. Thanks.

    • Thank you Pat. It’s great to connect with others who recognize the most simple and yet most valuable things in life!

  2. Thank you for this post Jennifer. Some really good tips here. Another way to turn your bad day into a good one is to actually set your timer for 60 seconds, get a blank sheet of paper and pen and see how fast you can write all the things you are grateful for in your life. Then make a commitment that after those 60 seconds that’s it! That is as long as your pity-party is going to last.

  3. Thanks Stephanie, what a great idea! I’m adding this one to my list. Your life will totally change once you realize that you have complete control over everything that matters. Isn’t it great?!


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