How to Get Your Blog in All the Right Places

BlogIf you are going to have a profitable online business, you need to get people to your website. More specifically, to your blog. Your blog is the home of your online business. The place where great information resides, great connections are made, and your great products are sold.

Your blog is prime real estate. So it needs to be in prime locations.

As I said, your blog is your business’s home. When I built the house I live in, my builder told me he was building houses identical to mine in another neighborhood. The lots those houses are on are about half the size of my lot, yet the price of those homes was about $200,000 more than mine.

Why? Because those houses are in a prime location in St. Louis, and mine is a little off the beaten path.

I built my house 11 years ago, but the value difference holds true. I recently saw a house for sale in a very exclusive and convenient area of the city. The listed price was more than twice what my house is currently worth. Yet when you look at size and features, the house is worth maybe 20% more than my house.

Again, as realtors say every day, it’s location, location, location.

You’ve probably seen this same result with blogs in your market. There are those you read that have consistently great content. Yet their alexa ranking is in the millions, they get no comments, they appear to be a ghost town. In fact, this may be you.

If your blog has content that is just as good as the “famous”ones in your market, then why aren’t you rich like the famous guy? Because his website is being seen, and yours isn’t.

How do you get your website seen? Make sure it’s in the right location of course. Fortunately, your blog home differs a little from your family home because it can be in multiple locations. Your blog can be located conveniently to everyone.

And, it won’t cost you what a prime location would for your house. Because the prime location for your website url is on your social media sites. For some reason, a lot of people are not taking advantage of this real estate. So, I’ve made a checklist for you. Make sure you have your blog in each of these places.

1.  Twitter

Yes, you should be tweeting your content daily. But, you also need to have your website url in your Twitter profile. New followers want to know more about you. Inviting them to your home is essential. Twitter even helps you by making the link stand out to those viewing your profile:

blog | twitter

2.  Facebook Page

It’s human nature ~ we want to know more about the people we are connecting with. Make it easy for your Facebook Page fans and potential fans to find your home. The space just under your cover photo is so valuable. Yet I often find it to be blank! Here’s a look at how it appears on my new Facebook Page:

Blog | Facebook

3.  Google+

Connecting your blog to your Google+ account is super-important. I say “connecting” because this is more than just posting a link to get your Google+ friends over to your site. Tying your blog to Google+ improves your search engine results. I told you how to connect your site to Google+ in a previous article, which you need to read if you still aren’t connected.

What I’m about to show you won’t connect your blog to Google+, but you can start by making sure your website is listed in the “About” section of your Google+ profile. You’ll want it under your “Other profiles” and under the “Contributor to” section:

Blog | Google+

If you don’t have it listed both places, click on the blue “edit profile” button at the top of your profile page, then click on the section you want to edit, and it will bring up this screen, where you can click on “add custom link” and add your website url:

Blog | Google+

4.  YouTube

There are two place you should be on YouTube. First, on your home page. Just to the right of your featured video, there’s an “About” section. I put my blog url in the written description about myself, and as a link along with my other social media sites:

Blog | YouTube

You also want to make sure your website url is the first thing listed in the “description” section of each video you upload to YouTube. That way it will appear as a link just under your video. (You’ll also want to encourage people to visit your blog in your videos)

Blog | YouTube

5.  Pinterest

And don’t forget Pinterest! In addition to being the hottest new traffic source for most everyone I know, Pinterest gives you a high-quality “do follow” link back to your blog, so you’ll want to make sure you take advantage of it.

When people view your profile, if the little world icon appears, they can click on it and it will take them to your blog. If you haven’t included your website in your Pinterest profile yet, simply click on the “Edit Profile” button and just fill in the url where it asks for your website.

Blog | Pinterest

6.  Your RSS Feed

This one isn’t a social media site, but your RSS feed is a prime piece of real estate that is often overlooked, so I need to include it here. This one is also different because it isn’t about getting readers to your blog, it’s about keeping them there.

First, if you don’t have an RSS feed, go to and get it set up. It’s easy, and even easier since its recent integration with Google. Once you have your feed, you need to advertise it. You do this on your website.

When someone comes to your blog and reads something that helps them, they are going to want to read more. Relying on them to remember to come back, or on your superior marketing skills to drive them back, is a mistake. Instead, invite them to add your blog to their reader. I have it set up on my sidebar like this:

Blog | RSS

I did it by grabbing a piece of code from the “Publicize” tab at, and adding it to a widget on my website. There are several ways to do it. I’m changing mine in my re-design, and just adding the orange button alongside my other social media follow buttons. I think most people know what the button is for, so I’m moving it to clean up my site a little.

How you do it is a matter of personal preference. The important thing is just that you do it!

Important . . .

Don’t let your million dollar blog hang out in thousand dollar neighborhoods. If your blog is not in the right locations, it’s not going to be worth as much. Just like your house.

Unlike your house, if your blog is not worth much, your bank account won’t be either. Are you placing your blog in all of the prime locations you have out there? If not, schedule an hour right now to change this!


  1. Excellent! You have provided an amazing blueprint of what is needed to be successful in getting noticed online! I am just getting my feet wet on YouTube!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What an awesome article Jennifer! I do have mine linked in all those places so it’s good to know I am on the right track!


  3. OMGosh, you have done it again! GREAT info, Jennifer!


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