Google+: How to Easily and Effectively Make Quality Connections

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlusToday’s super simple, yet super effective tip for your online business is about making quality connections on Google+.

Last week, we talked about the importance of having lots of friends in your Google+ circles.  With Google’s Social Search feature, your chances of showing up in the search results skyrocket if you are in the circles of the person doing the search.

So, it could be of great SEO benefit to be in lots of people’s circles.  IF those people are searching for the things that you are writing and posting about.

If your connections are searching for “best low-fat diets,” and you are posting about “how to hand-dye yarn,” you obviously won’t be showing up in their search results.  No matter how many circles they have you in.

Instead of going on a willy-nilly circling spree, it is best then to target who you circle.  This strategy also makes sense because people are more likely to circle you back if they see you have some common ground.

The best tool for helping you find targeted Google+ connections for your online business is FindPeopleonPlus.  I will make a detailed video for you tomorrow about how to use this site.

3 Ways to Use FindPeopleonPlus

You can get started on your own by doing 3 simple things.

1.  Add Yourself to the Directory

In the upper left hand corner of the home page you will see where it says “Add/Update me to directory,” like this:

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlus

Click there to connect your Google+ account to FindPeopleonPlus.  You will be allowed to add 3 tags (basically keywords) so that when others in your market are searching for connections, they will find you.  Do this.  Here’s what it looks like:

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlus

2.  Circle People You are Connected With on Twitter and LinkedIn

At the top of the FindPeopleonPlus home page, near the center, you will see 2 tabs that say “Twitter2Plus” and “LinkeIn2Plus”:

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlus

Click on each of these tabs and connect with your Twitter account and with your LinkedIn account.  It will show you which of your connections on those two social media platforms are also on Google+.

This is a fast and easy way to make more connections on Google+.  If you are already connected on Twitter or LinkedIn, the chances of the person circling you back on Google+ are greatly increased.

3.  Search for the Relevant Keywords in Your Market

Finally, go to the search bar near the top center of the FindPeopleonPlus home page, and do a keyword search relevant to your online business market.

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlus

For example, when I entered the keyword “online business owner,” and clicked on the “find people” button, here’s what I got:

Google+ | Social Search | FindPeopleonPlus

You can see that the result returned 3,264 Google+ users that have “online business owner” in their profile.  If you then click on the “See Profile” button, it will show you the person’s full profile, give you links to their other social media profiles, show you a summary of their recent posts on Google+, show you people similar to the profile you are viewing, and allow you to add the person to your circles.

Another good takeaway here . . .

Hopefully you can see the importance of having a keyword optimized profile filled out on Google+.  (I’ve just added this to my “to do” list!)  Increase the chances of relevant people finding and circling you by making sure your profile shows up when they do a keyword search.

I’m just starting to use FindPeopleonPlus to improve my Google+ connections.  My early results are great.  The people I’m circling are returning the favor.  Which means I’ll be showing up in more Google+ searches.  Which means I’ll be viewed by more people as an expert in my market.  Which can only mean good things for my online business profits.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences with Google+.  Please share in the comments below.

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