Goal Setting: How to Make it Work for You

Goal SettingI told you in the first article on goal setting that the reason you are likely failing to meet your goals is that you are concentrating on the Prize rather than the Process. You should read that article before this one if you haven’t already done so.

The problem with focusing on the Prize is that it doesn’t give you any direction when it comes to taking action in your business. You can sit down at your desk in the morning, look at your “goals” list, and see that the first thing on there is to buy your dream home. Great goal.

But, there is no connection between that goal, and your action. If I sit down today and outline  my next product, will I be able to buy my dream home at the end of the day? No. Of course not.

Because there is no direct connection between what you do today, and being able to check that goal off your list, looking at the goal gives you no motivation and no direction. Which is exactly why most people have a goals list that is neglected and forgotten.

Your dream home is your “Prize,” and what you need to be thinking about as you sit down at your desk in the morning is your “Process.” We talked about getting beyond the Prize last time. Today, let’s look at how to do step three, which is “figure out the Process.”

Step Three: Figure Out the Process

The Process, in our example, involves figuring out how you are going to be able to buy that dream home. What process are you going to have to go through in your business to get from where you are today, to checking that home off your list from the comfort of your newly installed, custom designed sauna?

You may think that the desire to build your dream home will motivate you enough to work harder to build your business, but the reality is, it can’t. Not any more than my desire to go to California to visit a friend is enough to get me there. I need to know what I’m going to use to get there, and how to use it to get there. In other words, I need a mode of transportation and an accurate map.

Likewise, you need to know what you’re going to do to afford the house, and how you’re going to do it. You need to be clear on your Process.

What Are You Going to Do to Win the Prize?

So, what’s it going to take to buy that new home? Let’s say one thing you need is a $50,000 down payment. So we’re breaking the “dream home” Prize down into smaller goals. And one of them is to raise $50,000.

What are you going to do to raise $50,000? Let’s say you’ve decided to create a new coaching program. Now your goal is to create a coaching program.

How Are You Going to Accomplish Your “What?”

Your next steps are what create your daily actions, or goals. And the more you can break this down, the better off you will be. You’ll need to outline the details of your new program – both the content, and  how you’re going to deliver the content. You’ll also need to figure out how much you’re going to charge, what costs you’ll have, and how you’ll market the program.

Let’s look at just a small piece of it. You’ve determined the coaching program will be delivered in modules. Each module will include a call with you, a video, and a workbook. So this week, you’ve got to outline the content of the call for module one, shoot the video that goes with it, and write the content for the workbook.

Now, You’ve Got Your Goals

Now your goal as you sit down to get to work is not to buy your dream home. Instead, your goal is to shoot a video for your new coaching program. Is that goal nearly as much fun as your dream home? No. In fact, it sounds a lot like work.

Well, it is work. It’s the Process that’s going to win you the Prize. And it’s what needs to be on your “goals” list that never leaves your side.

Next time we’ll talk about how to put this all together in your daily life. Until then, take a look at your goals list. Do you even have one? How useful is it to you? Have you discovered some ways you can improve it since my last two articles? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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