Exposing the Big Lie: Making Money Online is Hard

I can’t decide who I’m more fed up with, those who sell products about making money online, or those who buy products about making money online. I’m tired of hearing how every new product is THE ONE that finally makes it easy for even a newbie to make a living online. There is no product that makes it “easy.”

I’m tired of reading product testimonials that say, “by just implementing one technique in this product I increased my sales by $10,000 a month.” These testimonials always come from some guru who was already making $100,000 or more a month. Hardly relevant to the masses who are scraping pennies together to try to learn how to make a living online. I’m tired of hearing Bob’s testimonial that he made $20,000 in a month using this revolutionary new system. When you learn the real story, Bob was either the best friend of the product creator, or he made $20,000 in a month after working the system for a year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d put in a year’s worth of work to reach $20,000 a month. My complaint is that this in not what’s being sold. Copywriters are responding beautifully to the hoards of instant gratification seekers that swarm the internet daily in search of financial freedom. Their sales letters are telling people that they can make 5 figures in thirty days. That they can quit their day jobs in 90 days and bask eternally in financial freedom. The truth is, 99.9% of us, at least, can’t do this. And it’s a lie to represent that there’s any system, course, or Ebook that can show you how to make a living online in a few days.

As fed up as I am with the sellers’ “making money online is quick and easy” lie; I’m just as tired of the buyers’ “I bought your product two weeks ago and I’m not making money online” complaint. Really, who in their right mind thinks all you have to do is purchase a system, log into your back office and watch the money flow in?

There’s got to be a better way to do things. You can make a living online. But too many people are giving up before they even give it a chance because they’ve bought into the overnight success lie.

Honest marketers need to remember how hard it was for them to break the $10,000 a month mark and be more realistic in drafting their sales letters. Of course, there’s not much motivation to do this since there are thousands of new victims a day who gladly buy into the making money online is easy myth. How much would sales go down if the truth was told? If the sales letter said “you’re going to have to work your butt off and you may not find financial freedom for a year or more if you invest in my product?”

Those looking at opportunities for making money online need to get a reality check too. If you buy a product, use it. Give it a chance. But don’t expect an overnight, effortless shift in your bank account and lifestyle.

Maybe we can’t expect the sellers to stop doing what is allowing them to make a living online. But as buyers of products about making money online, we can quit whining, ignore the hype, get to work, and run those who are selling nothing but dreams out of business.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at home mom and home business consultant with over 11 years of experience. Jennifer’s passion is helping ordinary people create an extraordinary life.

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  1. Hey Jennifer

    Just read through your blog… GREAT !

    You are inspirational.

    I am being mentored currently by Alex Jeffreys, maybe you say me in this latest report – gurus dream ?

    Well if you did, thats me 🙂 Working to buld a business the proper way

    And in my blog im telling everyone step by step how Im doing it so everyone can join in.

    Thanks for the great info, will be touching base here more often

    Best wishes

    Dean Holland


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