5 Easy Tips For Creating a Blog People Will Read

BlogIf you can get people to read your blog, you are going to have a profitable business. No, people don’t actually pay you to read your blog.

But your blog is, (or should be!), the center of your website. The place where people see what you’re doing ~ including what you’re selling.

So, if people are reading your blog, they are going to see what you are offering. And if they find your blog helpful and interesting, many of them will take the next step and become paying clients.

But, it’s hard to get people to read your blog. Not because your blog is bad, but because there are a lot of other blogs out there competing for your reader’s attention. More every day.

And, according to Google, you’ve got about 3 seconds to convince your reader to “stay” before they hit the “back” button and check out the next result in their search.

There are certainly a million things you can do to help draw readers to your blog, and to keep them coming back. Today, I’m going to share five. I picked these five because they are (1) easy and (2) have potential to make a big impact.

1.  Make your blog a story about you

I am not advocating that you become a mommy blogger here and share the ups and downs of finding a nutritional breakfast for toddlers. Or that you even write about you. Not that those things are bad, it’s just not what most of us are looking for.

You want to make sure your readers feel like they are getting to know you on your blog. Remember, business is about building relationships. It doesn’t matter what your market is. People want to know you.

I help people build online businesses, which has nothing to do with me. But I share my experiences and examples from my life so that people will get to know me. And on the flip side, that helps me get to know you. Which helps me figure out how to serve you better.

The lesson here is to avoid only writing technical or mechanical articles for your blog. Make sure your audience is developing the “how to” knowledge they need. But at the same time, make sure they are learning who your family is, what your outside interests are, and how you came to be where you are today. Share your journey.

2.  Give your audience what they want

In a nutshell, your readers want to know how to be successful in your market. As you’re planning out your articles, ask yourself, “how will this help my readers find the success they are looking for?”

My audience wants to know how to build a profitable online business. So I am writing about how to create a blog people will read, because that will help my audience reach this goal.

Three easy and effective ways to find out what your audience wants are Google Analytics for your blog, Facebook Insights for your Facebook page, and by looking at the most popular blog posts from others in your market.

3.  Be visually appealing

If you only have 3 seconds to convince people to stay, they’ve got to like what they see when they get there. People are visual creatures anyway. And before they ever read a word, they are going to subconsciously react with “I like this,” “this does nothing for me,” or “I don’t like this.”

To make sure it’s the first reaction, put much care into choosing a theme for your blog, and using colors that are pleasing to the eye. Then make sure your blog posts look good. Include photos or other graphics. Use nice short paragraphs that are easy to skim. Like it or not, people will be skimming. Use compelling bullet points and subheadings to help draw your readers in further as they skim.

4.  Tell People What To Do

This relates to giving your audience what they want. Once you figure out what they want, tell them how to make it happen. People want to be told what to do, really.

They aren’t coming to you for an opinion piece that says “maybe you could try option A, B and/or C.” That doesn’t help them reach their goal. They want to know which option will ultimately make them money (or whatever success they are seeking).

So tell them. Even if it’s just your opinion. It usually is. But, it’s an informed opinion from you, the expert.

Take a position. This is crucial, and it’s what your audience wants.

5.  Sometimes, just write

This one goes back to my first tip of making sure your readers get to know you at your blog. Some days, I want you to throw keyword research, SEO, and traffic generation to the wind. All of these things are vitally important, of course.

But, once a month or so, don’t do any keyword research. Don’t worry about how many times you’ve used the “right words” in your article. When something is on your mind, just write from your heart. A good example of a time I did this is my article called A Personal Note to the Non-Believers.

I’m not saying it has to be touchy-feeling or even ultra-personal. It can be fun, sad, or just something that’s on your mind that you think your audience might resonate with.

Now Go, and Do

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Pick at least one to apply immediately. Share your successes with me in the comments below.  I’d also love to hear what other tips you have for creating a blog people will read.



  1. Thank you for a wonderful article. I will certainly be bookmarking this for sure, I just shared it as well. I am going to start using a couple for my blog post tomorrow. Excellent!!!

  2. Great article, Jennifer. I really believe it’s important for your blog readers to know who you are as well as providing quality content. Going to use these tips for my next post.


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