Can Motivation Make Your Online Business Profitable?

I love network marketing (aka direct sales) companies. The good ones that is. I have had the pleasure of being an independent representative for four different companies over the years. And, without a doubt, the thing such companies do best is to motivate their associates.

Testimonials, weekly calls, and – best of all – live events, are designed to motivate you to promote the company. The payoff to you of course, is money. Lots and lots of money. And the appealing lifestyle that comes with it.

Marketers who sell products and/or services that teach people how to make money online use the same kind of motivation. They use sales letters, videos, and live seminars to motivate you to buy their stuff. So that you too can work from the beach – when you work at all that is.

Such motivation is fun and inspiring, at least temporarily. But the reality is that most people don’t make millions, or even thousands, in their online business. Which has always left the question in my mind of whether such motivation tactics are good marketing or misleading propaganda.

In my video today, I give you the motivational message that you can “have it all.” I’m not about hype and champagne promises. I prefer talking about best practices and a consistent work ethic.

But, the truth is, having an online business can allow you to “have it all.” Just because most people don’t achieve such results, doesn’t make it any less possible.

Why don’t most online business owners have seven figure bank accounts? Because they watch a motivational video, feel good and inspired for a few hours, and then go back to watching TV. And go to bed thinking about what they’ll do on their business tomorrow.

I challenge you to take a different path. Watch the above video, write down what it motivates you to do to grow your online business. And then do it. Make a plan. And before you go to bed tonight, take at least one action step that will increase the profits in your business.

Using motivation to move you into action to grow your business, rather than just to make you feel good about the possibilities in your business, will lead you to having it all. I look forward to hearing about your successes.


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