Are Your Dreams Getting in the Way of Your Goals?

goalsblocks You probably know that if you write down your goals you are 1000 times more likely to reach them than if you don’t.  This makes sense to me.  I imagine that most people who have no written goals have no identifiable goals at all.  Which makes it decidedly harder to meet any goals.

I can’t count how many times I’ve done some version of a goal setting exercise.  Usually this involves writing down everything you want in your life.  And it requires that you throw aside any limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you to achieve in this life.  If you want to own a private island, write it down.

I think this is a wonderful exercise.  I continue to do it on a regular basis.

But, honestly, I had written goals for at least a couple of years without achieving one of them.  And that got rather depressing.  I did as I was told.  I wrote down everything I wanted to be, do and have.  I read the list at least twice a day.  I was a good student.

After way too much failure, here’s what I figured out.  My goals list wasn’t getting me anywhere because it was really a list of my dreams.  And it’s a beautiful and motivating list.  The thought of a first class trip to the Figi Islands with my entire family makes me work an extra hour.

But looking at that goal tells me nothing about how to attain it.  My problem was that I could read my goals list all day long and it gave me no direction as to how to get there.

What I really needed was a list of goals that would allow me to be, have and do the things I dreamed about.  So I renamed my “goals” list my “dreams” list.

And I started fresh with a new goals list.  Try this if you’re struggling with the fact that none of your goals have been checked off the list yet.  Pick an item from your newly renamed “dreams” list.  It should be something you really want to accomplish, and something that is fairly attainable.  (For example, buying a private jet may not be your first pick).

Let’s say you dream of paying off all your creditors.  That requires $5,000.  You intend to raise that money by marketing a new affiliate product.  Or starting a new “leg” in your network marketing business.  Or creating a new product.  Whatever it is, it becomes your goal.

Each step it takes to get there becomes a goal.  Make a list of every step you’ll need to take to generate $5000 in sales from your new affiliate product — create a landing page, write some review articles, test a ppc campaign, create a bonus for your buyers, etc.

Put a deadline on each of these goals.  As you meet your goals, you’ll find yourself checking things off your dreams list.  And you can start to pick bigger and bigger dreams.  And write goals to meet those dreams.

Someday it will become a matter of just living the life of your dreams, almost effortlessly.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves . . .

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at  home mom with three fabulous kids.  She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial benefits of working at home for over 12 years.  Jennifer’s passion is helping others on the challenging and rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.  Discover the Seven Simple Success Steps for free in Jennifer’s mini-course designed to start you on the path to personal growth and home business success.

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