Are Work at Home Moms Doing It Wrong?

momplayingwkidsI cheap ampicillin buy love connecting with other people who are like me.  As I moved my work at home career online, I was amoxicillin excited about how easy it appeared to be to connect with other moms who also had an online business.  I went to places like hoping to connect with other moms.  I bought a few books written by work at home moms.

I was, and continue to be, pretty disappointed in what I find.  My email box is stuffed full of promotions from internet marketers.  What the sales letters for all of these promotions have in common buy propecia cheap is a great story about how the marketer is financially free.  He can take his family anywhere at any time.  There are pictures of cars, homes, vacations.

I can count on one hand the number of times over the past ten years I’ve received one of these emails from a woman. And never from a work at home mom.

So what are we work from home moms doing?  The books I’ve read (and it’s not even close generic amoxil to all of them) talk about how to organize your office space, deal with your customers, and manage your kids at the same time.

The blogs I’ve visited almost universally lack one thing — any suggestion that a work at home mom can learn to leverage her time so that she can create financial freedom for her family and have the time to actually enjoy it.

Most moms seems to be doing something barely better than a J-O-B.  They are trading time for money.  They are making diapers, having home parties to sell their products, and not expecting much more.

One blog I visited had a list of ten businesses a work from home mom could do.  The one that struck me most was “virtual assistant.”  Hmm.  Be a virtual assistant?  I have a virtual assistant.

I have a friend who has a work from home business because she wants to be with her kids.  She works about 14 hours a day.  Much of it is out of the house trying to promote her products.  She hopes it won’t always be this way.  But honestly, any significant change doesn’t appear to be on the horizon.  And, what if it takes five years?  Well, that’s good in five years.  But your 3 year old is only 3 for one year.  And to miss that year is not okay with me.

I know there are exceptions.  And I’m happy to be one.  But at least 90% generic amoxil of what I see tells me that the mentality of the work from home mom is wrong.  We can, and should, expect to grow our businesses to seven figures while we stay home with our kids.  To work only when we want.  To leverage our time so we only need to work a few hours a week.  And to do it all before our kids go off to college.

Is this not what moms want?  More order levitra likely, we don’t think we can do it.  Maybe we could learn something from men here.

JENNIFER HERNDON works from home with her kids.  buy amoxil online She has been enjoying the time freedom and financial rewards of working at home for over 11 years.  Jennifer’s passion is empowering you to success through a positive mental attitude and consistent action.  Start on your path to a seven figure business today with Jennifer’s Seven Simple Success Steps free mini-course.

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