About My Friend Jim Rohn

jRohnMy “friend” Jim Rohn died on December 5.   Of course, he had no idea who I was.  But that didn’t make him any less my friend.

I was introduced to Jim Rohn by my upline in my first network marketing company.  I will always consider my time with that company a success.  Not because I made a lot of money, I didn’t.  But because it brought to me the man who would become the most influential mentor in my life.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve learned lots about personal and professional development from a handful of people.  But for some reason — and I can’t even put my finger on exactly what it is — no one has even been a close second to the value I’ve gotten from Mr. Rohn’s books, CDs, and DVDs.

To this day, if I feel discouraged or beaten down, I pull Jim Rohn up on my IPod.  I’m pretty sure I own everything in the Jim Rohn library.  Jim’s style, his story, his words and the way he delivered them — all have a unique way of reassuring me that yes, anything IS possible.  And of motivating me to go make it happen.

What made Jim Rohn unique in the personal development world?  He taught fundamentals.  His foundation for success boiled down to basic principles.  cheap amoxil What’s worked since the beginning of time.

There is never any fear of Jim’s stuff becoming out of date.  My great grandkids will be able to rely on it when learning how to succeed.  As fast paced as our world has become, that fact speaks volumes about Jim’s philosophy.

In the first days after his death, I found myself feeling really sad.  And, kind of embarrassed that I levitra website was so sad.  I didn’t know Jim Rohn personally.  To me, he was pretty much the same dead as he was alive.  Which sounds bad as I say it, but I knew Jim through his books, CDs, and DVDs.  These are all things I still have.

But I realize that somehow I was comforted by the knowledge that Jim was here in this world on the journey online ampicillin with me.  And knowing that he was part of the same journey, and such a good part of it, gave me hope, inspiration buy Amoxil online href=”http://amoxilcheap.net”>buy amoxil and self-confidence.

I’ve seen a online amoxil lot of people touting the customary “Rest in Peace” when commenting on Jim’s death.  I have no doubt that Jim has found peace in his escape from what must have been an especially difficult affliction for a man who talked for a living.  But “rest,” I doubt it.  I’m sure he’s gone to a better world, and is hard at work making it even “more better.”

Enjoy, my friend.

JENNIFER HERNDON is a work at  home mom with three fabulous kids.  She has been enjoying the benefits of working at home for over 12 propecia merck years.  Jennifer’s passion is helping others on the challenging and rewarding journey of entrepreneurship.  Take the first step by claiming your free copy of Jennifer’s mini-course, Seven Simple Success Steps.

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